AC-DC Coloring Rectifiers

AC-DC Coloring Rectifiers

Aluminum profiles are subjected to coloring process after anodized process in order to be more durable and have more beatiful appearance.

Usually, a wide range of coloring is possible from aluminum to fully black color including silver and gold tones by using DC-AC or only AC Color Transformers in Nickel and tin bathrooms.

Our color transformers are manufactured as full automatic controlled and can easily be integrated into an automation infrastructure existing in the plant.

They are used along with color control unit and enable to obtain the same tone every time by keeping more than 1000 color programs in its memory. Achieving the same color which is the most experienced problem in anodized plants vanished thanks to our newly developed control system.

Air or water cooling system selection can be made in accordance with the working environment.

  • Availability to Operate in Tin or Nickel Bathroom
  • Aluminum Coloring Process
  • Modification Process
  • Manual and Automatic Operation
  • PLC Based control system
  • Thyristor/IGBT/Mosfet Controlled Systems
  • Bathroom Temperature Control
  • Ah counter and Automatic Dosing
  • Working Statistics
  • Run-Time Current
  • Temperature Graphics
  • Modular cabinet system compliant with factory environment
  • Full automatic operation
  • Connection to SCADA System
  • Contact Warnings
  • Factories which is manufacturing aluminum
  • Aluminum coating plants
  • Special Voltage and Current Values
  • SCADA Connection Interface
  • MODBUS RTU Communication
  • 4-20mA Analogue Outputs
  • 0-10V Analogue Outputs
  • Dry Contact Connections

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