Battery Charger-Discharge Rectifiers

Battery Charger-Discharge Rectifiers

Battery Charge-Discharge Rectifiers are a device that can operate manually or with PC control, and test “Ah and operation time” of batteries by controlled discharge method.

The test is performed automatically without any intervention. At the end of the process, total “Ah and operation time” of the process and other test data can be monitored.

Recycling technique is used in the discharge process. In this way, the energy provided from the battery is transferred to the mains and the energy is recovered.

This product is the choice of battery manufacturers thanks to microprocessor-based advanced technology software. The product is specially designed for long time charge – discharge processes.

The most efficient and useful system is applied by using different designs depending on the project. The automation system and software which are connected with product allow the management of hundreds of devices from a single PC.

  • Discharge – Charge
  • Manual / Automatic Operation
  • PC Software and Test Reporting
  • LCD Display Panel
  • Warning Indicators
  • Discharge – Charge operation in the same product

Battery Manufacturing Factories

  • Customized Voltage and Current Values
  • Remote Control Unit
  • Touch Screen Pane (Colorful)
  • Remote Monitoring Over Internet
  • SCADA Connection Interface
  • MODBUS RTU Communication
  • 4-20mA Analog Outputs
  • 0-10V Analog Outputs
  • Dry Contact Connections

Input Voltage: 380VAC 50Hz or 220VAC 50Hz

Battery Voltage: 2, 6, 12, 24, 48VDC etc.

Operation Current: 0-2000A (Customized solution in any current capacity regarding to requested output power)

Loading Type: Resistive

Operation Feature: Full Automatic

Operation Type: Discharge, Charge or Charge-Discharge

Cooling: Thermostatic Controlled Fan Cooling

Protections: Over Current, Over Temperature, Over Voltage

Control: Local Control Panel or Remote Control Unit

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