Battery First Charge Rectifiers

Battery First Charge Rectifiers

The new charge control system is a fully automatic rectifier control system developed for more accurate battery charging and formation processes.The rectifiers perform the charging process safely thanks to this system, thus charging is automatically resumed in any power outage, failures and etc. Undesired program failures and battery losses are reduced to minimum level.

Siemens PLS which controls process control is used at the center of the control system. This ensures the highest level of process security. Operations are continued without being affected by network or environmental disturbances. Rectifier channels are managed individually.

One of the most important advantages of the system is without connection with PC for operation. The management computer must be on continuously while charging operation is in progress in similar systems. However, this stuation may result in interruption of all charging operations and batteries loss due to malfunctions or interlocks on the PC.

The control system can automatically resume operations without being connected to the PC. Saves the event logs in memory. When PC connection is performed, historical data is automatically transferred to the PC.

Control system is equipped with industrial touch screen(colorful) panel (HMI) to providing easy operation. HMI panel have resisitant to impacts of acid, moisture etc. with IP65 protection properties. On the panel; current working information can be monitored, the data of each channel can be examined separately, and even the most complex programs can be defined easily with the easy and fast program editor.

  • Battery Overheat Protection
  • Long and trouble-free operation
  • Turkish And English Menu
  • Maximum Efficiency
  • Fault Tracking
  • Automatic Activation in Energy Losses
  • Energy-saving
  • Standard Parts
  • Battery Connection Failure
  • Extending Battery Lifetime
  • 20 and +20 Program Selection

The Rectifier is used for the first charging of batteries in battery manufacturing. Where there is intensive battery circulation, you can charge wide number of batteries.

  • PC Connection
  • Design for Various Voltages
  • Remote Monitoring System
  • Separate Temperature Measurement for Each Channel

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