Commercial UPS 1P:1P (1-2-3kVA)

Commercial UPS 1P:1P (1-2-3kVA)

Real double conversion online technology

Online UPSs are an ideal choice especially for computers and other sensitive equipment. Online UPS completely isolates your equipment from the mains, charges its batteries from mains power and by using kinds of filters, supplies connected loads with power. As a result all unwanted conditions that may occur in mains are filtered by online UPS and your sensitive equipment is supplied with clean energy.

Real sine wave output

Fully compatible with all kinds of equipment. Ideal for medical and critical applications.

  • Wide input voltage range (110-300 VAC)

Online operation with very low and high voltages without using battery power.

  • Input power factor correction (PF=0.99)

Reduces consumed electrical energy and yields saving in electric bills.

  • High output power factor (PF=0.8)

15% more power at the output in comparison to standard 0.7 power factor UPS systems. Can support more equipment.

  • Smart charger technology for optimum battery performance

Provides longer battery life and lower operational costs due to special charging technique.

  • High performance microprocessor

Because of its CPU control, digital structure and high speed; UPS performs overload, short circuit, low-high voltage and overtemperature protections. By providing complete protection ensures a stable and reliable operation.

  • Multi Function Buttons

– 208/220/230/240 VAC Selectable Output Voltage
– 50/60 Hz Frequency Converter Mode
– ECO Mode Feuture (High Energy Saving)
– EPO – Emergency Power Off
– Programmable Output

  • Datacenter
  • Aiports
  • Factories
  • Emergency Power Systems
  • Smart Buildings
  • Security and Lighting Systems
  • Building Automation Systems and Special Telecommunication Applications
  • Hospitals
  • Construction Indusrty

This product is standard.

1kVA 2kVA 3kVA
Low voltage transfer 160 VAC – %80-100, 140VAC – %70-80, 120 VAC – %60-70, 110 VAC – %0-60
Low voltage correction 170 VAC ± %5
High voltage transfer 300 VAC ± %5
High voltage correction 290 VAC ± %5
Frequency range 40 – 70 Hz
Phase 1 Phase + Notr + PE
Output voltage 200/208/220/230/240 VAC
Voltage regulation battery mode ± %2
Frequency range sync. mode 47-53 Hz or 57-63 Hz
Frequency range battery mode 50 ± 0.25 Hz – 60 ± 0.3 Hz
Over load line mode %105-110 Over load alarm, %110-130 30s to By-pass, %130-150 1.5s By-pass >%150 Urgent to Bypass
Over load battery mode %110 Over load alarm, %110-130 30s to Shut down, %130-150 1.5s to Shutdown >%150 Urgent shutdown.
Transfer time Line to battery 0 ms
Transfer time Inverter to by-pass 4 ms (tipik)
Transfer time Inverter to ECO 4 ms (tipik)
Creast factor 3/1 (Max.)
Harmonic distortion ≤ %3 THD (Lineer load ) ≤ %6 THD (non-Lineer load)
Wave type True Sinusoidal
Efficiency Line mode ~ %85
Efficiency Battery mode ~ %83
Battery Properties
Battery type 12V / 7Ah 12V / 7Ah 12V / 9Ah
Battery quantity 3 6 6
Charging time Up to %90 capacity 4 Hour
Charge voltage 41.0 VDC ± %1 82.0 VDC ± %1 82.1 VDC ± %1
Charge current 1.0 A (Max.)
External battery support Optional
External battery charge current 8.0 A (Max)
Communication & Software
Supported interface RS 232, USB, Ethernet (Optional )
Supported OS Software Windows, Linux, Mac OS
Dimensions & Weight
Product dimension (DxHxW) (mm) 397x220x145 412x318x190 412x318x190
Product weigth with battery 13.0 Kg 25.3 Kg 25.3 Kg
Product weigth without battery N/A
Package dimension (DxHxW) (mm) 475x325x230 560x460x320 560x460x320
Package weigth with battery 14.0 Kg 27.7 Kg 27.7 Kg
Package weigth without battery N/A
Master carton dimension (DxHxW) 475x325x230 560x460x320 560x460x320
Master carton weigth with battery 14.0 Kg 27.7 Kg 27.7 Kg
Master carton weigth without batt. N/A
Product quantity in master carton 1 PCS
Dimensions & Weight
Operation temperature range (°C) 0°C – 40°C
Humidity (%) %20 – %90 non-condensing
Noise (dBA) 50 dB
Important Note
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