Electrolysis Rectifiers

Electrolysis Rectifiers

Plating rectifiers enable to obtain high quality products in Copper, Nickel, Zinc, Chromium, etc. processes. Also, provides saving to your business with low energy consumption so reduces your costs.

Our rectifiers are manufactured as full automatic controlled and can easily be integrated into an automation infrastructure existing in the plant.

Devices having 6Pulse, 12Pulse, 24Pulse or more pulse number are produced depending on power need of device, ripple factor and low harmonic need. 12Pulse and upper systems have automatic harmonic pressing property and do not require using external harmonic filter. Also, provide vivid results in shiny surface coatings such as Chromium, Nickel etc. thanks to very low ripple factor.

Air, oil or water cooling system selection can be maken in accordance with the working environment.

Auromatic control instrument has remote control property and also allows a complete process control.

Rectifier control provides a complete solution with its Bathroom temperature control, Ah computer and Automatic dosing properties.

It IP65 Protected touchscreen is long-lasting and reliable. Start/Stop commands without touching screen thanks to big push button can be given.

  • Mining Electrolysis such as Copper, Nickel, Lead, Gold, Silver, etc.
  • Chlorine Alkaline
  • Saline Water Electrolysis
  • Chlorinating System
  • Manual and Automatic Operation
  • PLC Based control system
  • Thyristor/IGBT/Mosfet Controlled Systems
  • Bathroom Temperature Control
  • Ah counter and Automatic Dosing
  • Working Statistics
  • Run-Time Current
  • Voltage
  • Temperature Graphics
  • Modular cabinet system compliant with factory environment
  • Full automatic operation
  • Connection to SCADA System
  • Contact Warnings
  • Metal purifying processes
  • Manufacturing precious metals such as Gold, Silver, etc
  • Manufacturing chemical substances
  • Chlorine
  • Hydrochloride
  • Disinfecting Water
  • Special Voltage and Current Values
  • SCADA Connection Interface
  • MODBUS RTU Communication
  • 4-20mA Analogue Outputs
  • 0-10V Analogue Outputs
  • Dry Contact Connections

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