Forklift Battery Chargers

Forklift Battery Chargers

The forklift battery charger is specially designed for charging high-capacity batteries used in forklifts and electrical machines.

The forklift battery charger safely charges your battery and minimizes battery water losses thanks to special software.

Forklift battery charger operates charging process with highest efficiency because of controlling by microprocessor. Charging operation starts automatically when the batteries are connected to the forklift battery charger. Also, Forklift battery charger is automatically switch off when charging operation is complated.

The forklift battery charger automatically changes the charging mode to float charging mode and the operation provides always 100% charged batteries, when the battery charging operation is complated.

The forklift battery charger is supplied with input cable, output cable and output socket as standard.

  • High Efficiency
  • 100% Domestic Production
  • Soft start charge start
  • Smart charging system with current and voltage control
  • Display of charging parameters with led indicator
  • Charging program without damaging the internal structure of the battery
  • Automatic shutdown at the end of operation
  • Short-circuit protection
  • Battery reverse connection protection
  • Automatic charge disconnect in any error
  • Ability to select different mains voltages
  • Warehouses
  • Forklift Maintenance Stations
  • Battery Factories
  • Electric Vehicles
  • Industrial Areas
  • Airports
  • Heavy industry

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