Modular Static Voltage Regulators (100-50.000kVA)

Modular Static Voltage Regulators (100-50.000kVA)

Modular SVR is an AC optimisation and regulation unit which supplies continuous,safe and constant voltage to the critical industrial machines and equipments. It adjusts the unstable grid voltage to the rate which is calculated according to the facility’s unique conditions.

Parallel Architecture

Modular static voltage regulators can operate in parallel, by short-circuiting the inputs and the outputs . Up to 16 units connected in parallel,can run as a single unit. With the patented “parallel voltage regulator” technology, they can maintain synchronous operation , fast and safe voltage regulation. All the units can work as a “master” with the specially developed high speed CAN BUS communication protocole.There is no need for an extra unit or a device for parallel operation. If any of the regulators fails, the remaining units will continue to work in parallel without any interruption.

N+1 Redundancy

Uninterruptable redundant full power operation with parallel connection of one more additional regulator! If any of the regulators are shut-down for reparing or maintenance purposes , the remaining ones will continue to supply the system. Repaired unit can be taken online automatically without any interruption.

Scalable and Flexible Design

Invest in your facility’s power plant step by step. With scalable and flexible Modular Voltage regulators, don’t make the procurement according to your future plans. Just invest in your current power requirement. At the beginning stage , you don’t need to decide the total system power or the quantity of the units. Just decide one single unit’s power rating then when you need more power , you can make an addition to the system with a new regulator. When you need less power, you can just simply shut down one of the regulators. Manage your capacity and efficiency with scalable and flexible Modular Voltage Regulators.

Current Sharing

The Modular Voltage Regulators which have the same power and technical specifications, share the load current.  he load sharing accuracy is better than +/-%5 . With the patented “ parallel voltage regulator” technology, equal output voltage is maintained on all units. With this technology total load is shared equally between the parallely connected regulators and no circulation current occurs between the regulators. The conductivity difference on the semi-conductor components , is eliminated with “load balance unit” included in the Modular Voltage Regulator’s.

High Power Applications up to 50MVA

One and only voltage management solution for the high power industrial applications! You can supply safe and stabilized voltage to a huge plant or a town with totally 50MVA power capacity, by parallely connecting 16 regulators with 3,2MVA power rating for each. Stand alone Modular Voltage regulators are manufactured for 3 phase systems from 15kva up to 3.200kva. They offer cost effective parallel redundant solutions above 100KVA power rating.

Share out the Risk by Parallel Redundant Voltage Management

Use parallel redundant voltage and power management system for safe and continuous operation!

Do not rely on just one single machine for your facility and investment. All electrical devices and machines can fail. To use

1 x HV/LV transformer , 1 x voltage regulator, 1 x distribution unit, have a high risk. In any case of failure, all the facility will stop until the problem is fixed. For high power ratings, in stock spare parts supply is hard and takes time. To eliminate this risk, use parallel redundant solution. If any of the regulators are shut down for reparing or maintenance purposes , the remaining ones will continue to supply the system. With using VOR, we offer you a solution consisting of 2 or more regulators connected in parallel, for almost the same price of a single unit.

With High Speed SCR Technology

CPU controlled, high speed switching thyristor technology is used in Modular Voltage Regulator units. Tyristors which switch

on the zero-cross of the grid signal, do not create any harmonics. Real power is transmitted via the booster transformer to the load. Only the necessary power for voltage buck and boost , is transmitted through the thyristors. Very fast voltage stabilization is done on instant voltage changes. Sensitive electronic devices do not get affected or harmed from this voltage fluctuation.

Wide Input Voltage Range and High Output Accuracy

Modular Voltage Regulator has a flexible input voltage range which can be determined according to the users’ requirements.

It can be manufactured in the input voltage range of up to “-%60 — +% 50” of the nominal voltage . Output voltage accuracy, depending on the project specifications, can be from +/-%0.5 up to +/-%3 of the set voltage.

  • 100 KVA – 50.000 KVA power range with three phase and single phase applications.
  • All industrial voltage value.

–  208VAC three phase / 120VAC Single phase, 50 / 60 Hz
–  380VAC three phase / 220VAC Single phase, 50 / 60 Hz
–  400VAC three phase / 230VAC Single phase, 50 / 60 Hz
–  415VAC three phase / 240VAC Single phase, 50 / 60 Hz.
–  480VAC three phase / 277VAC Single phase, 50 / 60 Hz.
–  600VAC three phase / 347VAC Single phase, 50 / 60 Hz.

  • Wide input voltage range up to -%60, +%40.
  • High speed regulation with Smart voltage correction software.
  • Maintenance-free Electronic voltage management technology with CPU controlle thyristor units.
  • Independent voltage Regulation.
  • %100 unbalanced voltage and Load Capability.
  • Parallel connection feature for high power and redundant practices.
  • High Efficiency (typical %97).
  • Parallel connection of regulator units for more capacity and redundancy.
  • Equal load sharing.
  • Selective on / off and the ability to temporarily isolate a Regulator with a problem.
  • Simple and easy parallel communication technology with only 1 communication cable.
  • Safe usage for all electrical devices.
  • Remote management and monitoring with ETHERNET and MOD-BUS RTU interfaces.
  • User friendly, easy and comprehensive LCD Display and mimic diagram.
  • Electronic overload protection.
  • Under voltage/over voltage protection.
  • Over temperature and thyristor failure protection.
  • Thermostat controlled fans for air cooling.
  • Flexible design and software that can easily be oriented to different grid and voltage conditions.
  • Special design for dusty industrial environments with high humidity or vibration.
  • Compact structure with high quality material and minimum malfunction hazard.
  • Production according to ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management System.
  • Power Generation, Transmission and Distribution Centers
  • Oil & Gas Industry
  • Natural Gas Energy Distribution Centers
  • Mining Industry
  • Security and Lighting Systems
  • Building Automation Systems and Special Telecommunication Applications
  • Vessels and Yachts (Naval Platforms)
  • Automobile Services
  • Electrical Vehicles
  • Military Applications
  • Hospitals
  • Construction Indusrty
  • Substations
  • Transformer Centers
  • Shipyards
  • Rail Systems
  • Power Plants
  • Avaliable input and output voltage values
  • Adjustable output voltage
  • Output protection MCCB
  • Manuel by pass switch for maintenance
  • Automatic uninterruptble Bypass
  • Input/Output Transformer
  • IP Protection Class IP21-65
  • Input/Output EMC filter
  • Input/Output Surge Protector
  • Remote monitoring and management unit
  • Dry contacts
  • Input/Output Terminals
  • Parallel communication unit
  • Parallel conection copper bar set
  • Special operating temperature
  • Special design and accessories

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