What is Static Transfer Switch?

Static Transfer Switch(STS) are automatic static switching equipments designed to transfer electric loads between two independent AC or DC power sources without interruption.

Static Transfer Switch is an electrical device that allows instantaneous transfer of power sources to the load. This superior switching time(4ms) means that if one power source fails the STS switches to the back-up power source so quickly that the load never recognizes the transfer made.

Fast-acting STS are increasingly being applied to protect large loads and entire facilities from short-duration power disturbances. These products use solid-state power electronics or “static” switching.

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Static Transfer Switches (STS)

AC Rack Type STS

20 – 40kVA


60 – 500kVA

What is Line Selector Switch?

Electrical faults in the area can cause problems that can not be compensated in sensitive areas such as hospitals or data centers or in industrial production systems. In such cases, uninterrupted power has the highest priority for the protection of human life and the continuity of operations.

Line Selector switch “LSS“, in the event of a failure of the active line, the controller is designed to automatically switch the load on the appropriate line by selecting one of the 4 lines.

Line Selector Switches (LSS)



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