What is Voltage Regulator?

There are two type Voltage Regulator(Stabilzer).

  • Static Voltage Regulator(Stabilizer)

Static Voltage Regulator(SVR) which do not have any rotating parts, such type of regulator is called static voltage regulator. Their circuit consists apparatus like transformers, capacitors, resistors, transistors, magnetic amplifiers, etc. Such type of regulators do not have friction and wear loss ( because it does not have any rotating parts). It does not require any regular attention thus, reduces the cost of the system.

  • Servo Voltage Regulator(Stabilizer)

Servo Voltage Regulator(OVR) is a servo motor controlled stabilization system that performs optimum voltage supply using a Buck\Boost transformer booster that captures voltage fluctuations from input and regulates current to the correct output. An AC synchronous motor adjusts voltage in clockwise or anticlockwise direction and manages the output voltage with components like control card, dimmer, comparator, transistors, mocs, etc.

Static Voltage Regulators


1P:1P 1-200kVA


3P:3P 10-3500kVA

Modular SVR

3P:3P  100-50.000kVA

Servo Automatic Voltage Regulators


1p:1p 2-30kVA and 3p:3p 10-3000kVA


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